The Paseos of Valencia – Community of Santa Clarita Valley

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Valencia is a popular community in the Santa Clarita Valley, and is also where visitors will find the lovely Paseos. SCV is well known as a wonderful, family friendly place to live, eat, shop or play, but the real attraction are the Paseos. Of all the well planned growth, the one feature many residents appreciate most, are the miles of well maintained walkways, paseos and trails. The paseos are mostly located in the Valencia community, but the city trail system stretches far and wide, from one end of Santa Clarita to the other.

The Paseos of Valencia are a little different than the trail systems of the city. The Paseo walkways are typically wider than a normal sidewalk and are paved with concrete. Often, they have  lighting, an occasional bench for a rest,  and even conveniently placed doggie bag dispensers. The areas surrounding each side of the Paseos are landscaped and they are just perfect for evening strolls. The Paseos wind through various neighborhoods, usually connecting neighborhoods to each other, parks, shopping, city sidewalks, bridges and the trail systems. There are large attractive bridges extending over the top of the larger city streets and usually connect the neighborhood on one side of the street, with the neighborhood on the other side. Where we live, we can walk the Paseos almost all the way to the local elementary school, crossing over the major street via the pedestrian bridge. Once over the bridge we wind our way through a beautiful little neighborhood park, and up to the school. It’s a very safe path of travel, especially for the children. There Paseos are lovely, with a good amount of shade, and are extremely well maintained. There is nothing more pleasant than nice healthy walk to the local park, via the Paseo’s of Valencia.

The Trails of Santa Clarita are a little different. The trail systems are are usually wider, asphalt paved, with separate lanes for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. I once rode my bicycle from Valencia to the east end of Canyon Country, and that was just a short portion of the miles of trails available. It’s really a wonderful and safe way to traverse and tour the city. Basically, these trails run along the banks of the natural riverbeds, so it was some smart thinking to make use of otherwise wasted land. It wasn’t too surprising, on a recent early morning walk my wife and I spotted a coyote that just walked right by us!

If you’re new to Santa Clarita, you’re probably discovering just how lucky you are to live in such a well thought out and developed city. If you’re planning to relocate to Santa Clarita in the future, you couldn’t choose a better city. If you would like to sign up for a tour of the city, receive a free relocation package, or take advantage of any other special offer, please contact us today.

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