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Time to Get Serious About Saving Water in Santa Clarita

Well folks, it’s finally time to get serious about the saving water in Santa Clarita, and all of California! First, we were asked to voluntarily cut back our water usage by 20%, but apparently residents completely ignored the request! After the voluntary request was made, it was discovered we used 1% more water this May than we did last May! Because we failed to do our part, California Water Regulators voted to approve fines of up to $500 a day for water wasting residents! Yes, this includes you! It’s not just our neighbors, but each one of us must abide by these new regulations. Come on now… we all need to get very serious about this and do our part to save water in Santa Clarita and the entire State of California!

Here’s how the fines will work and some tips for compliance:

  • When watering landscape, make sure water is not running off and flowing onto the sidewalk. This is going to be a little tricky because it can be difficult to adjust irrigation sprinklers and timing so we don’t overwater. Still, we must take the time to get this right!
  • When washing a vehicle you must use a hose with a nozzle. Just take your car to the car wash. You can get the exterior done very inexpensively and there are always coupons available.
  • No hosing off driveways or sidewalks – Every heard of using a broom? How about a blower?

Here are some water saving tips for Santa Clarita residents

Helpful Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

We’re sure these rules are just the beginning and as concerned residents, we need to do much more to save 20%. The longer this drought goes, the worse things will get and the more water we will have to save. We wouldn’t be surprised if a time will come we may have to quit watering our landscaping completely! Let’s hope not, but it is possible!

We recently read a post with some great tips for saving water and one good one was to cut your shower water while lathering up with soap. Yeah, most of us love a nice long shower, but it won’t hurt us a bit to take shorter showers and cut the water while we lather up! You will be amazed at how much water is used for one shower!

We hope you found this post helpful and agree, it’s time to get serious about saving water in Santa Clarita.