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Saugus High School Holiday Boutique 2013 a Complete Success!

Before we move forward with this post, we would like to extend a special thank you to the Saugus High School Boutique organizer, Sandy Belanger and her entire staff for such a wonderful event last weekend at the school! Also, I want to compliment the teachers, parents and Sandy for the outstanding and helpful behavior of all the students that helped with the school booths and assisted the vendors. Those students were polite, helpful and it was great seeing them take this event seriously, and not as an excuse to socialize. Congratulations to all of you, and we look forward to the next year’s Saugus High School Holiday Boutique.

We don’t usually post about “past events” but this one is an exception and it’s certainly noteworthy.

As Scentsy Family Independent Directors, Mary Gregory and I attend and participate in many special events everywhere. This event hosted by the folks at Saugus High School was the most successful, well organized and most accomodating we have ever had the pleasure of participating. Also, they are consistent! This was our second year participating, and 2012 was just as well attended and organized as 2013. Our booth was non stop busy and we sold Scentsy Wickless Candle products, non stop for two straight days! Here are some of the things we noticed that resulted in such a successful event.

  • The vendors are able to park their vehicles for loading and unloading near the venue entrance and FREE help was available if needed.
  • For a two day event, the cost for a vendor booth is very reasonable.
  • Saugus actually provided a very nice gentleman to regulate the vehicles parking and loading, so it wasn’t a stressful mad dash to set up.
  • Complimentary coffee and rolls were available to all vendors while setting up, both mornings.
  • All the vendor booths and the entire venue were completely ready when we arrived for set up. The booth locations were well identified so all vendors knew exactly where to set up
  • Attendance was awesome and there was plenty of parking, even though the lot did fill up. We assume the great attendance was because the boutique has been around many years and the whole school seems to be involved, not just one group ¬†or club within the school. They receive a ton of community support. I’m sure other special event organizers would love to know the secret to their success.

Thank you again Sandy Belanger for your time and effort in putting on this wonderful boutique!

Mary and Pete Gregory
Scentsy Family Independent Directors