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SCV Residents Pulling for Hometown Boy in Masterchef Junior

Masterchef Junior Jimmy and 7 Year Old Gianna Gregory

Masterchef Junior Jimmy and Gianna Gregory

Santa Clarita residents are pulling for hometown boy in Masterchef Junior, a Fox Reality TV show. Jimmy Warshawsky of Santa Clarita Valley is currently competing with other young home cooks in an effort to win the title of Masterchef Junior, Season Three! For those new to Santa Clarita or unfamiliar with the TV show, it’s a wonderful family show on Fox. Masterchef Junior star Gordon Ramsey leads a team of three judges as they evaluate the talented young home cooks during difficult cooking challenges. These kids are amazingly gifted, but as the show continues the challenges become extremely difficult. If you don’t believe it, have a look at the most recent episode where the kids had to work as restaurant cooks for a night! OMG, it was really something to see! We’re happy to report, our Jimmy is still in contention with two episodes left, and we’re all pulling for him to bring the title home to Santa Clarita.

Learn more about Masterchef Junior Jimmy at his Facebook Page, The Chef Jimmy

It’s important to note, regardless of how the competition ends, Jimmy is already considered a huge winner because he’s unselfish and such a positive role model for the youth of Santa Clarita. Also, he’s just one of those great hometown kids the entire Santa Clarita community rally behind and be proud of! He’s lucky to have such a supportive mom and according to the teachers at Gregory Family Child Care of Valencia, she is an amazing woman! Lisa has much to be thankful for, but here at SCVLive we want her to know we are especially proud of her! Raising children is never a simple task and as evidenced by Jimmy, it’s obvious Lisa is doing a stellar job of it!


Jimmy uses his own recipe for making crepes

Just this week Santa Clarita’s leading Velata Independent Director and child care provider Mary Gregory had a chance to meet Jimmy and his mom, Lisa Warshawsky. They were kind enough to stop in for a visit at Gregory Family Child Care and Jimmy spent some time with the children. He also shared a yummy batch of his delicious home made Palmers. Thankfully, there were two left for me and I ate them both when I arrived home from work! According to Mary, “Jimmy is an amazing young teen and truly an inspiration to other young home cooks here in SCV.”

Master Chef Junior Jimmy's Mom Lisa Warshawsky

Mary Gregory and Lisa Warshawsky

Mary Gregory actually friended Jimmy and his mom Lisa after she discovered we had a hometown boy on Masterchef Junior. It turns out, the three of them discovered they have a common interest in seeing friends and families spend more time together while cooking and eating delicious meals. Since Mary shares and sells a line of family friendly kitchen systems by Velata, she was also able to share some of her products with Lisa and Jimmy. As shown in the photo, Jimmy already tried out the super simple crepe maker and apparently it worked great!

It’s always such fun to see a local youngster like Jimmy advance and succeed in any competition, especially when participating in something they are passionate about. It’s also encouraging to see parents like Lisa committed to supporting their children and providing them the opportunities to discover their passions and develop their skills. We wish the best of luck to Masterchef Junior Jimmy, and remember, us Santa Clarita residents are pulling for our hometown Boy in Masterchef Junior.

Best Ever! Home Holiday Shopping Boutique In Santa Clarita

HOME HOLIDAY SHOPPING BOUTIQUE EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! visitors and all Santa Clarita residents are invited to a home holiday shopping event at the home of Kerin Kray. Kerin is a popular Santa Clarita resident/vendor and she sells an assortment of goodies with plenty to choose from that will make the perfect gift. There will be plenty of other vendors on hand and shoppers will find products of almost every type. Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory will be there with her Scentsy Fragrance Wickless Candles, and many other vendors will be present as well. This is the perfect opportunity for Santa Clarita residents to avoid the crazy shopping centers and instead enjoy a perfect evening of stress free shopping in a pleasant home atmosphere. If you’re new to Santa Clarita you especially won’t want to miss this fun and exciting event. 


This is a popular home holiday shopping boutique hosted by Kerin Kray
Starts: 12/19/2013 05:00 pm
Ends: 12/19/2013
Duration: 4 hours:
28955 Rock Canyon Drive
Saugus, CA