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Santa Clarita Kids Love to Jump Sky High at Sky High Sports

Santa Clarita Kids Love The Trampolines at Sky High Sports

One of the most fun things for kids to do in Santa Clarita are the super safe trampolines at Sky High Sports. I interviewed a group of local Santa Clarita kids ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old and they all agreed, they just love jump sky high on the trampolines at Sky High Sports. Six year old Gianna Gregory says “Sky High Sports is my favorite place to go, even better than Magic Mountain!” I must say, I’m not a young guy anymore, but when I saw this place I really wanted to jump sky high too. In fact, I think I will, but maybe at a time there’s not so many kids present to laugh at me! Sky High Sports is located at:

28656 The Old Road
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone 661-775-6300
Website –

Sky High Sports has Special Family Night Deals

At Sky High Sports there a bunch of trampolines (at least 150) and they are all spread out in a very large warehouse type building. The trampolines are constructed and placed very safely, with plenty of padding covering the springs, so there’s no way to fall between the springs if too close to the edge. They are placed adjacent to each other, in all directions, even up the sides of the walls. If a child jumps too close to the edge, they just end up on padding, or the adjacent trampoline. Really, these trampolines are nothing like I ever jumped on when I was a kid.

Sky High Sports is a great place for a birthday party, or just go during the open jump time. I also noticed they have, dodge ball, All six Santa Clarita High School flags are hanging from the roof at Sky High Sportsspecial nights, strobe lights, loud music and all that stuff for the older kids to go during the evenings. We don’t have all the details, so visit their website or give them a call to get the specifics on hours, price, etc. By the way, the place is really parent friendly. The entire building is very roomy and there are plenty of places to sit, watch large screen tv, or pull out your laptop and get some work done. If you don’t want to be around the kids, there’s a lounge and it’s fully equipped with video monitors, so you can keep an eye on your children, but secluded from all the excitement. Also, there are plenty of staff for supervision and they really do supervise!

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We hope you enjoyed this post and we think it’s obvious why Santa Clarita kids love to jump sky high at Sky High Sports!