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Homes for Sale in Castaic California Might Be a Deal!

Here at SCVLive our main focus is almost always centered on our Santa Clarita community, but today we are comparing homes for sale in Castaic with ours here in SCV. First off, we found it interesting how the homes and neighborhoods in Castaic are now evolving and some look very similar to our Santa Clarita homes and neighborhoods. Castaic is quite different than Santa Clarita in the manner in which it’s laid out, however the neighborhoods can vary quite a bit. If searching for a home with some land or maybe a ranch style home, prospective home buyers should look up in Hasley Canyon. Then, there are a number of housing developments on both sides of Interstate 5, but be sure to check on the age of the homes first. Some are quite new and others date way back.

There’s nothing wrong with the older homes, but if buying one be sure to obtain a one year home warranty before closing. In fact, at the Gregory Real Estate Group they have a free offer for their new clients and provide them with a One Year Home Warranty, free for the first year!

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After searching the local MLS, we noticed one home for sale in Castaic is currently priced at over $2,000,000! Of course, we have upscale expensive homes in Santa Clarita, but this one’s a little different. First off, the home is nice, but it also sits on about 12 acres of ranch land. In fact, it’s not the home making this property so expensive, but the land itself.

After looking at the Castaic homes for sale, there’s still plenty of very nice single family homes available for under $400,000. Also, some of the homes are in newer developments and we think some of these areas might be perfect for the first time home buyers. Then again, we had some neighbors who moved up to a much nicer home for the money than their previous home here in Valencia.

Admittedly, we’re biased towards our Santa Clarita homes and neighborhoods, but we also like the Castaic area and think it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re planning to buy a home. Local realtors Matt & Meray Gregory have sold a number of homes in Castaic and they agree the area is quite beautiful and has everything residents might need. Well, that is, except the Westfield Town Center Mall. They do have shopping in Castaic, but when the residents want to shop at the mall, they hop over here to our Valencia Town Center Mall.

We hope you enjoyed finding out about homes for sale in Castaic and the differences between Santa Clarita and Castaic!