Expert Hearing Loss Treatment at Audiology Associates


If unfamiliar with Santa Clarita and experiencing hearing problems or wear hearing aids, expert hearing loss treatment can be found at our local favorite Audiologist, Audiology Associates. In 2013 Audiology Associates was voted as the Best Audiologist in SCV, and they are also our recommended “insider” favorite. We can go on and on as […]

Santa Clarita Concert in the Park Series 2014

Santa Clarita Concert in the Parks

Once again, our residents are looking forward to the Santa Clarita Concert in the Park series. The schedule was recently released by the City of Santa Clarita and it appears we have another wonderful array of talented bands on the schedule. The Concert in the Parks runs each Saturday evening beginning July 12th and continues […]

Grill Perfect Steaks With the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill

Raclette Tabletop Indoor Grill - Mary Gregory

As a poor cook without one bit of “chef” in my blood, I’ve been trying to BBQ a good steak for years, and never once have I had any success, at least none to speak of. Finally, we purchased one of these Velata Raclette Tabletop Grills and everything changed. I grilled two filet mignon steaks, […]

Time for Potty Talk Here in Santa Clarita

Time for Potty Talk Here in Santa Clarita

After viewing the most recent issue of California Real Estate magazine we immediately realized it was time for a potty talk here in Santa Clarita! According to the recent issue the magazine, as of January 1, 2014 residential remodel permits issued for homes built before 1994 will require the homeowner to retrofit the toilets, faucets, […]

Buy Your Perfect Tote in SCV – Thirty-One Consultant Nicole Burcham

SCVLive Recommended Thirty-One Consultant, Nicole Burcham

Welcome to! If you’re new or relocating to Santa Clarita and looking for the perfect tote bag, this is it! You can order and buy a personalized, stylish and unique bag from our recommended long time Thirty-One consultant, Nicole Burcham. Not only that, but Nicole offers all her customers to opportunity to earn rewards […]

Grilled Taters and Onions – Velata Raclette Style

Fired Taters and Onions on Velata Raclette Grill 750x375px

Set up the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill using the interchangeable grill top. Plug it in and pre-heat on high for about 20 minutes. While pre-heating the Raclette, slice up the potatoes and onions. After pre-heating, apply a thin coating of Olive Oil on top of the stone top. Place the sliced potatoes and onions on […]

Santa Clarita Insider’s Share Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine's Day in Santa Clarita

With a little persistence we were able to convince some Santa Clarita Insider’s to share their ideas for some Valentine’s Day fun activities. This will helpful for our new residents unfamiliar with Santa Clarita, but also some long time residents looking for ideas. While reading the upcoming events in local publications about things to do […]

Santa Clarita Home Improvements that Pay Back When Selling

Home Improvements that Pay You Back

New homeowners are often unsure about what type of home improvements to make that will actually pay back when eventually selling their home. For example, if it costs $20,000 for a new built in heated swimming pool, will home value increase by at least the same amount? Probably not, but the basic rule of thumb […]

Best Ever! Home Holiday Shopping Boutique In Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Home Holiday Shopping Boutique

HOME HOLIDAY SHOPPING BOUTIQUE EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! visitors and all Santa Clarita residents are invited to a home holiday shopping event at the home of Kerin Kray. Kerin is a popular Santa Clarita resident/vendor and she sells an assortment of goodies with plenty to choose from that will make the perfect gift. There will be […]

Frontier Toyota – Long Time SCV Favorite – Cars

Frontier Toyota of Santa Clarit

Those relocating to Santa Clarita will find, just like most cities, we have an auto row. We can’t offer an opinion on each dealership, but we can share at least eleven years worth of our experience with Frontier Toyota. Before we go any further, we want to point our, Frontier Toyota is just great! They […]