Santa Clarita Taste of the Chamber 2014

This year’s Santa Clarita Taste of the Chamber was another well organized event and a great time for vendors and attendees alike! The Taste of the Town event for this year was a little different than in years past and by all appearances, a huge success! Instead of housing all the various vendors in one building as in the past, this year vendors were spread out from the Hyatt Hotel and to the east along Town Center Drive. Each Taste of the Chamber vendor was paired up with a brick and mortar shop or business located on Town Center Drive.

See More Velata Quick Sweet Snack RecipesAs an example, with the new Taste of the Chamber pairing theme, Velata Independent Director Mary Gregory was paired with Diane of 56 FIFTY-SIX Clothing. Diane was stamping each attendee’s raffle tickets while Mary was greeting visitors and handing out yummy chocolate treats. Velata is a Scentsy Family direct sales business offering personalized service with family friendly home kitchen systems. FIFTY-SIX Clothing is a contemporary woman’s clothing store, offering personalized service and name brand clothing such as Velvet, Sky, Level 99, and JOIE! After meeting and working with Diane we can personally recommend her and her store for our fashion minded women in Santa Clarita. Keep an eye out on the SCVLive blog of Santa Clarita for an upcoming featured post and learn more about FIFTY-SIX Clothing.

See below the activities for the Santa Clarita Taste of the Chamber 2014

  • Taste of the Chamber attendees’s started the event at the Valencia Hyatt Hotel
  • Then, from about 6:oopm to 8:00pm the attendee’s walked up Town Center Drive to visit the various stores or businesses
  • While at each business the attendees received a food or dessert snack and had an opportunity to visit and network with each vendor and business operator
  • while at each establishment the attendee’s had their tickets stamped
  • At around 8:00pm everyone returned to the Hyatt Hotel for the big raffle and more fun and games
  • In order to be eligible for the raffle the each attendee had to show proof they stopped in at every shop and present their stamped ticket

We visited a few of the establishments ourselves and the giveaways were real tasty! Johnny Rocket’s was giving away 1/4 sliced burgers and a few other goodies. Mary Gregory was handing out Popcorn Confetti along with the Velata recipe cards. Another favorite treat were the delicious mini cupcakes found at the Glen Ivy Spa.

The new theme for this years Taste of the Chamber was a unique idea and accomplished the end goal of providing a venue and encouraging business owners and operators to mix, mingle and network. After all, that’s what our Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce is all about! As Mary Gregory said, “The Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce continues to provide a wonderful networking platform, but it’s up to each member to take advantage of the opportunity to make new business connections and lasting relationships.”

If you are a new business to Santa Clarita and interested in joining the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce visit, their website here!

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