Santa Clarita Home Improvements that Pay Back When Selling

Home Improvement Cost Percentage Chart

New homeowners are often unsure about what type of home improvements to make that will actually pay back when eventually selling their home. For example, if it costs $20,000 for a new built in heated swimming pool, will home value increase by at least the same amount? Probably not, but the basic rule of thumb is, if making home improvements that will pay back when selling a home, keep those improvements simple, neutral, and don’t over spend. Don’t pay for a high end home improvement that would be perfect for a home in Beverly Hills, if you live in a standard 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Canyon Country. The more customized the improvements are, the less chance you will have of recouping the cost when selling. It doesn’t matter if your home is in Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley, when selling a home you want to attract as many prospective buyers as possible. When it comes to colors and finishes, we all have different tastes. What looks good to me might look terrible to you! That’s why it’s so important, even if a bit boring, to stay neutral with colors and materials. The bottom line is, don’t make any improvements that are likely to scare off potential home buyers when it comes time to sell your Santa Clarita home.

If the homeowner is not concerned with doing improvements that pay back when selling, none of the rules apply. We are all free to make whatever customizations we like. Just don’t expect the cost for those improvements to increase the value of your home by the same margin. I remember, for years we lived in Canyon Country of Santa Clarita and often gazed across the street at a neighbor’s house. From the outside, it looked similar to all the other basic and average homes in the neighborhood. One day we were invited inside and we were shocked to see it was almost all solid stone! Unfortunately, it was overkill for the home type and location.

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