Organized Youth Sports Opportunities in Santa Clarita Valley

Newcomers to Santa Clarita Valley will discover many opportunities for their children to participate in a large variety of organized youth sports activities. With all the children we have here in SCV, this is a huge list and what is shown is not even close to all the opportunities available. The point of this post is to inform future Santa Clarita Valley residents of the many opportunities available to children in the area. By the way, organized youth sports are not just for the kids! Most of these organizations require the participation of parent volunteers in order to survive, so it’s a good opportunity for responsible adults to get involved and join the fun.

We have track, cross country, tackle football, cheer, flag football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, swimming and diving & even BMX type bicycle racing. There is also ice hockey, ice skating, roller hockey leagues, and more. Below, please find a very partial list of organized youth sports activities with contact information and links. It’s just too huge to cover, but just do a Google search and there’s plenty more to find.

Santa Clarita Parks and Recreation – Parks and Recreation has many different sports programs, so it’s a good place to start if looking for team and individual activities.

Youth Baseball
Canyon Country Little League
Hart Baseball

Youth Tackle Football and Cheer – These are not city sponsored groups and is not sponsored through parks and rec. There are several different organizations starting with the oldest, which is the Santa Clarita Warriors. Just like the number of schools has grown, so has the number of similar organizations. Even though the author of this post coached youth football for years, things have changed and today we have many more organizations than ever before.

If your club missing from this list please contact us with the information and we’ll be happy to add your club to the list. We will also be happy to add an advertising banner, linked to your non-profit youth sports organization website.

SCVAASanta Clarita Warriors
Santa Clarita Grizzles
Santa Clarita Wildcats
Saugus Spartans
Canyon Country Outlaws

Here’s a suggestion from an old coach. Not all the youth football clubs are part of the same conferences. First, not all conferences have the same age and weight requirements. Sometimes, if a child is too big for his or her age, they must participate in a division with older kids. This is not usually a problem, but different leagues have different age cut offs and weight standards, so it might be worth investigating the requirements for the different clubs before signing up. (yes, occasionally girls play tackle football also).

Note: Not all children are interested in participating in organized youth sports. Santa Clarita also has some great opportunities for those interested in the arts, and there are various clubs for other wonderful activities as well. Most importantly, participate with your child and have fun together.