Let’s Go to the Park – Learn About Santa Clarita Parks

Let's Go to the Park in Santa Clarita“Let’s Go to the Park” and welcome to SCVLive.com! Newcomers to Santa Clarita Valley will find an abundance of quiet, peaceful, serene, city and neighborhood parks. Recently developed, Central Park is located on Bouquet Canyon Road in Saugus and has almost everything you would expect. This is where the seasonal “Concert’s in the Park” is located and it always draws a very large crowd! There’s even a nice, fenced in dog park section where the dogs can be unleashed to socialize with their doggie friends or just run free as the wind. There are many parks in Santa Clarita Valley, but we provide some inside tips and a partial list of some of our favorites below.

Here are two SCVLive.com INSIDE TIPS about Central Park!

1. If attending the Saturday night concerts, plan on arriving early if you want to find a parking place. If you don’t mind walking a bit, this is not a problem and arrival time is not really important.

2. Central Park is a newer park and the trees are not yet grown enough to provide an abundance of shade. If visiting the park during the summer, be sure to plan for the heat and sunshine!

Here’s another Special SCVLive.com INSIDE TIP! Newcomers to Santa Clarita Valley can find some amazing parks, tucked away deep inside many of the neighborhoods. These are usually connected by paseos or trail systems, always well maintained and almost never crowded.

Here are some links to some of our favorite parks! Some of the links are to other pages within this site and others will link visitors to trusted sites. Just click the link to find out all the information needed. We always have fun at the park and we hope you do too! Have a great time at the park!