Grill Perfect Steaks With the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill

This Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking and dining on perfectly cooked meals, especially a good steak! Even the inexperienced cook can grill perfect steaks, exactly as ordered. The secret seems to be how evenly the appliance heats the grill. Also, every Raclette comes with two different grill tops, one stone and one metal teflon coated top. This really is a wonderful appliance and they have been popular in Europe for a long time.
Brand: Velata
Manufacturer: Velata
Model: Raclette Tabletop Grill
Product ID: SKU 25170
5 based on 14 reviews
$140.00 New

As a poor cook without one bit of “chef” in my blood, I’ve been trying to BBQ a good steak for years, and never once have I had any success, at least none to speak of. Finally, we purchased one of these Velata Raclette Tabletop Grills and everything changed. I grilled two filet mignon steaks, exactly how we wanted them, perfectly, on the first try. I figured I was just lucky so tried it again, with the same delicious results! Turns out, this cool little grill cooks the foods at a controlled temperature resulting in an evenly cooked steak. From the outside edges to the middle, they were medium rare all the way through. Absolutely amazing and we would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys cooking and eating delicious meals. Also, it’s a great way for families and friends to cook, eat and spend time together. Everyone can participate if they wish. We recommend this product!

If interested in learning more please visit the website and you too can look forward to enjoying your Velata Raclette Tabletop Indoor Grill.

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