Valencia Community of Santa Clarita

The Valencia Community of Santa Clarita is a beautifully developed and well maintained master planned community, considered by many to be the most prestigious community in the city . As usual, the map doesn’t really show it’s true boundaries because it is really broken up into two or three parts. Valencia north is located north of Newhall Ranch Road. Then we have what is considered by some to be the Heart of Valencia, located in the middle, near the Mall. Older Valencia is located a little more to the south west. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, older Valencia is absolutely gorgeous and has that special elegance only found in older well maintained properties.

All of Valencia is full of amazing amenities, including golf, restaurants, parks, entertainment, education and much, much more. The most popular feature may be the world famous, neighborhood Paseo systems. The Paseos are a system of developed walkways, connecting many of the neighborhoods to each other, shopping centers, and local neighborhood parks. All of the neighborhoods are very well maintained, due in part, to the existence of all the various homeowners associations. If planning to relocate to Santa Clarita, Valencia has something for everyone, with a wide range of property types from small townhouses and condominiums, to large single family homes of all styles and designs. There is even a neighborhood called Bridgeport, a beautiful man made lake community. Most of the Santa Clarita restaurants are located in Valencia, so it’s a busy place on the Friday and Saturday nights. Learn of current and detailed information about the community of Valencia here!

Like Canyon Country, the borders are not easily defined and newcomers really need some guidance before considering a location to call home. A one hour guided tour of the area will be well worth the time. We can recommend a list of Realtor’s that will happily take you on a tour, 100% free of any sales pressure and there’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION! We know of at least one providing a one time, one hour tour service, on most Saturday mornings throughout the year. In fact, we highly recommend this service to anyone planning to relocate, before buying or renting a home in the Valencia Community of Santa Clarita.