Saugus Community of Santa Clarita

The Saugus Community of Santa Clarita¬†is somewhat tucked away and newcomers to Santa Clarita will find the borders of Saugus are no more easily defined than other communities of Santa Clarita. It’s situated along Bouquet Canyon Road, North of Newhall Ranch Road and east of Seco Canyon Road. There’s an odd section that kind of overlaps towards Valencia and another goes along Plum Canyon toward Canyon Country. Again, those planning to relocate to Santa Clarita are well advised to consider Saugus. There are a wide variety of homes, certain to fit any budget. ¬†Consider signing up for a guided tour and gain valuable advice from a long time resident.

Much of the Saugus community is located off the main drags and many of the neighborhoods are very quiet and serene. There are also some newer developments in Saugus, located more in the direction of Plum Canyon. At one time, those unfamiliar with the area would often refer to the whole of Santa Clarita, as Saugus. There are many great parks, homes and apartments of every type, size and price range. Our family has always loved spending time at some of the wonderful parks located in and near Saugus. The newest and largest park in Santa Clarita is called Central Park and is located in Saugus on Bouquet Canyon. There are also some shopping centers and restaurants, but the major shopping and dining is located in Valencia.

UPDATE on Lombardi’s Ranch – Sadly, Lombardi’s Ranch closed down in early 2016. There is another option and you might want to have a look at Gilchrist Ranch, located very close by the old Lombardi location.

Here’s an INSIDER tip about a great produce stand in Saugus on Bouquet Canyon Road. What’s so great about a roadside produce market? Lombardi’s is a local produce market, family owned and has been around for years. They have wonderful fresh produce at a reasonable price, but it’s so much more, especially during October. They have a huge pumpkin patch, but also weekend festivals with live music, pumpkin carving contests, baking contests, a small zoo, train rides, and more! They also host a very popular community scarecrow contest! There’s an adult and children’s division, with large cash prizes going to the winners. During the season visitors can walk through, or ride the train and see all the creative scarecrow displays left by the contestants. It really is a special treat, and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon during the season!

Surely, there’s something for everyone in the Saugus Community of Santa Clarita.