Newhall Community of Santa Clarita

Newhall of Santa Clarita is where all the city history can be found. Yes, there are some beautiful homes, neighborhoods, parks, schools, shopping and a brand new library, but those planning to relocate to Santa Clarita will learn about it’s history in Newhall. Years ago, most folks referred to all of Santa Clarita as “Newhall.” In recent years, our city has dedicated some resources to preserving the history by revitalizing Old Town Newhall, while maintaining the historical look. There are some very old buildings, the old Saugus Train Station and Hart Park. We don’t have all the historical knowledge on this subject and don’t wish to misinform, so we suggest our visitors take a visit over to the Santa Clarita Historical Society to find out more accurate historical information.

Besides the Newhall downtown area, Newhall includes areas of Placerita Canyon and everything south of Lyons Avenue. Many of the homes and businesses are older, but they are still very nice, and there are some large and absolutely, breathtaking properties. There are not too many cookie cutter type housing tracts in this area and prospective home buyers won’t find many home owners associations either.

INSIDER TIP! If looking for a large single story home with a large lot, Newhall of Santa Clarita is where it can be found! They are not all like that, but this is the spot to find them! Some of the homes even have guest houses, not often seen in today’s newer housing developments. It can be difficult to find a large single story home in today’s housing developments and some of us miss the older classic floor plans of yesterday.

If you’re relocating to Santa Clarita and would like a complimentary tour of the Newhall community, we have some real estate agents that would be happy to provide the service. The agents have committed to providing this service for free and have agreed to do so with absolutely no pressure and no obligation whatsoever. Contact us today to sign up and schedule a date!