Colossus Roller Coaster and Elephant Bar Closing in SCV

Wow, residents in communities throughout Santa Clarita were surprised and somewhat saddened to hear of a couple of closings set to occur. First, Magic Mountain announced they will be closing the famous Colossus Roller Coaster, and a few days later we heard the Elephant Bar restaurant will be closing their doors! There are also some rumors floating around about another long time restaurant which may be closing, but without confirmation, we’ll have to keep that one to ourselves.

The Colossus, a huge wood framed roller coaster has always been a Six Flags crowd favorite, but we suppose all good things must eventually come to an end! The reports, the close date will be August 16th, so make sure to visit the park if you want to take a last ride. To learn more about this closing have a look at this news article by Mitch Hacker of the Signal.

If you’re new or planning to relocate to Santa Clarita, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the primary amusement park attraction for those visiting the city. We have no doubt the park will replace the old wooden coaster with a new attraction, maybe even more thrilling than Colossus. Still, we’ll all miss the giant coaster and once removed, the western skyline of Santa Clarita will change forever!

Popular Valencia Restaurant Closing – Elephant Bar

The announcement of the Elephant Bar closing is surprising to everyone, including the restaurant staff! As long time customers, we have seen no sign of any decline and it appeared there were plenty of customers. Valencia is known for it’s dining and we do have a number of restaurants in the area. It’s likely the newer eateries such as those at the Patios, did hurt business. Still, the Elephant Bar was an outstanding restaurant, delivering a great menu of dishes and friendly service at a very reasonable price. Diners have a tough time finding a similar menu and prices at the anywhere else in SCV! To learn more, have another look at the Signal article by Jana Adkins.

Though we’re sad to hear of these two closings, most residents here really do embrace change and most can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Our City of Santa Clarita is a wonderful place to call home, and becomes more popular everyday!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the, Colossus Roller Coaster and Elephant Bar closing in SCV, and your comments are welcome!

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