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Back to School in Santa Clarita Valley

It’s nearing the end of August and most of our children are already back to school here in Santa Clarita Valley. Going back to school after a relaxing summer is always so exciting for the kids, especially the little ones! Now, it might not be so exciting for the older kids, especially if they are participating in grueling workouts and preparing for the upcoming high school football season! We’re not just talking about the football players either. With back to school comes the new cheer squads, amazing marching bands, and they’re all working hard while preparing for the first big opening football game! Still, with all the kids back to school with new teachers and classrooms, the stage is set for an exciting new school year!

SCV Newbies To See How Much SCV Locals Love Their High School Football
If you’re new to Santa Clarita, you’ll soon see just how much the residents of this city enjoy their high school football. It’s not like it once was, but it’s still pretty darn popular. In fact, very soon after the kids get back to school, Friday night diners even have an easier time getting a table at their favorite restaurants. We finally figured out, it’s because so many people are at the football games, there’s more room at the local restaurants. Once upon a time there was a huge cross town rivalry between Canyon and Hart high schools. When they were playing each other it was like the rest of the town went dormant. It’s still a darn good rivalry and almost always a good matchup, but with all our high schools playing on Friday nights, residents can always plan on finding a good game to attend. If you’re new to Santa Clarita you’re not a high school football fan, it’s a perfect time for a meal at a great restaurant!

Why So Soon?
By the way, we find it odd seeing the children returning to school so soon. Yes, it’s understand our local kids start their summer earlier than most, but it’s still so hot outside, and there’s so much summer left! It just feels too early to return to school.

Very soon, newcomers to SCV will find out how much we enjoy our fall festivals. It won’t be long until it really is Fall and we can look forward to all the various festivals. When it comes to fall festivals, nothing beats those activities at our favorite outdoor produce market, Lombardi Ranch. If planning on entering the Lombardi’s Scarecrow Contest, it’s not too early to start gathering your supplies to make your scarecrows! If you are new to SCV and plan to enter this contest, beware! We have some seriously talented scarecrow makers out here and you will be amazed at these amazing creations. We’ll do a full post on the contest very soon, so stay tuned!

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Santa Clarita Concert in the Park Series 2014

Once again, our residents are looking forward to the Santa Clarita Concert in the Park series. The schedule was recently released by the City of Santa Clarita and it appears we have another wonderful array of talented bands on the schedule. The Concert in the Parks runs each Saturday evening beginning July 12th and continues each Saturday through August 30th. The concerts are all held at Central Park, just off of Bouquet Canyon Road at 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. The start time is 7:00pm.

Insider Information for Attending a Santa Clarita Concert in the Park

The parks series concerts are well attended! If you’re new to Santa Clarita and planning to attend a concert, the evening will be much more enjoyable with our SCVLive insider’s information, so here you have it!

  • Prepare for the Heat! It’s no secret about the hot weather we have here in Santa Clarita during the summer, but it seems the heat is even more of a factor at the concert in the park. There’s not a lot of shade in the spectator areas, so it’s suggested to be prepared for the heat
  • Parking can be an issue. Though the parking lot is an okay size, it’s not quite large enough on the nights when the most popular bands are performing. As always, the early bird gets the worm, but it’s kind of a double edged sword. We would suggest arriving early, but the then you must deal with more of the heat. If arriving late, the parking lot may be full. What’s the solution? It’s not very original but if planning to arrive just before the concert begins, plan on parking on the street or in a nearby neighborhood.
  • When departing the parking lot it can be a mess! There is a secondary exit, but drivers can only turn right which will take you north on Bouquet Canyon.
  • There are some food vendors, but the lines can be quite long and it’s not permitted to bring a BBQ. Eat before attending and bring a light snack and some water.
  • If you want to be in the front near the stage, arrive early or stop by earlier and set up your chairs and blankets. Though it’s okay to set up chairs and blankets, it’s not allowable to section off an area with cones or steaks and tape.

Line Up of Bands for 2014 Concerts in the Park

  1. July 12 – DSB – Journey Tribute Band
  2. July 19 – Suzanne Harper – Country
  3. July 26 – Led Zepagain – No Explanation Needed
  4. August 2 – Hotel California – Eagles Tribute
  5. August 9 – Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries – Classic Rock
  6. August 16 – Poncho Sanchez – Latin Jazz
  7. August 23 – Hollywood U2
  8. August 30 – Boogie Knights – Disco

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Santa Clarita Insider’s Share Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun

With a little persistence we were able to convince some Santa Clarita Insider’s to share their ideas for some Valentine’s Day fun activities. This will helpful for our new residents unfamiliar with Santa Clarita, but also some long time residents looking for ideas.

While reading the upcoming events in local publications about things to do in SCV on Valentine’s Day, we were disappointed! Many of the ideas shared for Valentine’s Day, actually take place outside of SCV, or were were centered around which restaurant to dine at. We’re here to share, there’s absolutely no reason residents can’t enjoy a good time without leaving SCV. Sure, a helicopter ride over Los Angeles would be cool, but our visitors need something different! What about things to do that are unique, fun, and without having to travel outside our hometown of Santa Clarita. So, here are three insider ideas to enjoy some Valentine’s Day Fun.

Insider Tips – Things to Do in Santa Clarita for Valentine’s Day

  • If you haven’t seen downtown Newhall lately, it’s quite enjoyable, especially in the evenings. After dinner, head on to Old Newhall and take a stroll. If you plan ahead, you might even be able to take in a play called I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change at the Repertory East Playhouse
  • Go to the Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Canyon Country. Drive behind the building and you’ll find a quiet spot and some benches to sit back and relax and enjoy the view. Take a little picnic basket with food and drinks and you’re all set! After a little relaxation, try a walk at one of the wonderful neighborhood Paseos.
  • Our third idea to share for Valentine’s Day is not unique, but it’s an old standby and needs to be shared. How about dinner and a movie. Start your evening dining a local old favorite, Backwoods Inn. This restaurant is located in Canyon Country and has been there since at least the early 70’s, probably longer. It’s an amazing steakhouse and locals continue to rave about it! After that, try taking in a traditional movie at the Edwards Theaters on Soledad Canyon Road.

Reminder: With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday, be sure to make dinner reservations in advance, or plan on cooking at home.
We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day fun and we would love for you to share your ideas of Valentine’s Day fun.

Santa Clarita Kids Love to Jump Sky High at Sky High Sports

Santa Clarita Kids Love The Trampolines at Sky High Sports

One of the most fun things for kids to do in Santa Clarita are the super safe trampolines at Sky High Sports. I interviewed a group of local Santa Clarita kids ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old and they all agreed, they just love jump sky high on the trampolines at Sky High Sports. Six year old Gianna Gregory says “Sky High Sports is my favorite place to go, even better than Magic Mountain!” I must say, I’m not a young guy anymore, but when I saw this place I really wanted to jump sky high too. In fact, I think I will, but maybe at a time there’s not so many kids present to laugh at me! Sky High Sports is located at:

28656 The Old Road
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone 661-775-6300
Website –

Sky High Sports has Special Family Night Deals

At Sky High Sports there a bunch of trampolines (at least 150) and they are all spread out in a very large warehouse type building. The trampolines are constructed and placed very safely, with plenty of padding covering the springs, so there’s no way to fall between the springs if too close to the edge. They are placed adjacent to each other, in all directions, even up the sides of the walls. If a child jumps too close to the edge, they just end up on padding, or the adjacent trampoline. Really, these trampolines are nothing like I ever jumped on when I was a kid.

Sky High Sports is a great place for a birthday party, or just go during the open jump time. I also noticed they have, dodge ball, All six Santa Clarita High School flags are hanging from the roof at Sky High Sportsspecial nights, strobe lights, loud music and all that stuff for the older kids to go during the evenings. We don’t have all the details, so visit their website or give them a call to get the specifics on hours, price, etc. By the way, the place is really parent friendly. The entire building is very roomy and there are plenty of places to sit, watch large screen tv, or pull out your laptop and get some work done. If you don’t want to be around the kids, there’s a lounge and it’s fully equipped with video monitors, so you can keep an eye on your children, but secluded from all the excitement. Also, there are plenty of staff for supervision and they really do supervise!

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The Paseos of Valencia – Community of Santa Clarita Valley

Valencia is a popular community in the Santa Clarita Valley, and is also where visitors will find the lovely Paseos. SCV is well known as a wonderful, family friendly place to live, eat, shop or play, but the real attraction are the Paseos. Of all the well planned growth, the one feature many residents appreciate most, are the miles of well maintained walkways, paseos and trails. The paseos are mostly located in the Valencia community, but the city trail system stretches far and wide, from one end of Santa Clarita to the other.

The Paseos of Valencia are a little different than the trail systems of the city. The Paseo walkways are typically wider than a normal sidewalk and are paved with concrete. Often, they have  lighting, an occasional bench for a rest,  and even conveniently placed doggie bag dispensers. The areas surrounding each side of the Paseos are landscaped and they are just perfect for evening strolls. The Paseos wind through various neighborhoods, usually connecting neighborhoods to each other, parks, shopping, city sidewalks, bridges and the trail systems. There are large attractive bridges extending over the top of the larger city streets and usually connect the neighborhood on one side of the street, with the neighborhood on the other side. Where we live, we can walk the Paseos almost all the way to the local elementary school, crossing over the major street via the pedestrian bridge. Once over the bridge we wind our way through a beautiful little neighborhood park, and up to the school. It’s a very safe path of travel, especially for the children. There Paseos are lovely, with a good amount of shade, and are extremely well maintained. There is nothing more pleasant than nice healthy walk to the local park, via the Paseo’s of Valencia.

The Trails of Santa Clarita are a little different. The trail systems are are usually wider, asphalt paved, with separate lanes for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. I once rode my bicycle from Valencia to the east end of Canyon Country, and that was just a short portion of the miles of trails available. It’s really a wonderful and safe way to traverse and tour the city. Basically, these trails run along the banks of the natural riverbeds, so it was some smart thinking to make use of otherwise wasted land. It wasn’t too surprising, on a recent early morning walk my wife and I spotted a coyote that just walked right by us!

If you’re new to Santa Clarita, you’re probably discovering just how lucky you are to live in such a well thought out and developed city. If you’re planning to relocate to Santa Clarita in the future, you couldn’t choose a better city. If you would like to sign up for a tour of the city, receive a free relocation package, or take advantage of any other special offer, please contact us today.

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