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Time to Get Serious About Saving Water in Santa Clarita

Well folks, it’s finally time to get serious about the saving water in Santa Clarita, and all of California! First, we were asked to voluntarily cut back our water usage by 20%, but apparently residents completely ignored the request! After the voluntary request was made, it was discovered we used 1% more water this May than we did last May! Because we failed to do our part, California Water Regulators voted to approve fines of up to $500 a day for water wasting residents! Yes, this includes you! It’s not just our neighbors, but each one of us must abide by these new regulations. Come on now… we all need to get very serious about this and do our part to save water in Santa Clarita and the entire State of California!

Here’s how the fines will work and some tips for compliance:

  • When watering landscape, make sure water is not running off and flowing onto the sidewalk. This is going to be a little tricky because it can be difficult to adjust irrigation sprinklers and timing so we don’t overwater. Still, we must take the time to get this right!
  • When washing a vehicle you must use a hose with a nozzle. Just take your car to the car wash. You can get the exterior done very inexpensively and there are always coupons available.
  • No hosing off driveways or sidewalks – Every heard of using a broom? How about a blower?

Here are some water saving tips for Santa Clarita residents

Helpful Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

We’re sure these rules are just the beginning and as concerned residents, we need to do much more to save 20%. The longer this drought goes, the worse things will get and the more water we will have to save. We wouldn’t be surprised if a time will come we may have to quit watering our landscaping completely! Let’s hope not, but it is possible!

We recently read a post with some great tips for saving water and one good one was to cut your shower water while lathering up with soap. Yeah, most of us love a nice long shower, but it won’t hurt us a bit to take shorter showers and cut the water while we lather up! You will be amazed at how much water is used for one shower!

We hope you found this post helpful and agree, it’s time to get serious about saving water in Santa Clarita.

Frontier Toyota – Long Time SCV Favorite – Cars

Frontier Toyota InteriorThose relocating to Santa Clarita will find, just like most cities, we have an auto row. We can’t offer an opinion on each dealership, but we can share at least eleven years worth of our experience with Frontier Toyota. Before we go any further, we want to point our, Frontier Toyota is just great! They have been in Santa Clarita for many years, trusted by the residents of the community and always a more than safe choice when buying a car or obtaining mechanical services.

Frontier Toyota is located at:
23621 Creekside Rd, Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-7575

Like many dealerships, they have a beautiful facility and make their sales and service customers feel right at home. There are coffee and snacks for waiting customers and Frontier Toyota of SCV Makes Customers Feel At Homeit’s all very nice. They provide a nice kids and parents waiting section with plenty of things to keep the kids busy while mom or dad reads a book. They also have comfortable seating in all the waiting areas. If you’re need to work while you wait, you’ll really appreciate the office section where customers can use a desktop computer or break out your own laptop or other device. There is free WiFi is available for all and can b e easily used on all devices. Overall we can simplify the experience by saying, Frontier Toyota knows exactly how to make their customers feel comfortable and wanted.

Personally, I bought a Tundra pickup at Frontier in 2003. I have returned every 5,000 miles for maintenance and usually my service adviser is a man by the name of Dane Jenson. I’ve had other advisers and they are all really great, but Dane knows me and I feel most comfortable with him. My truck now has 250,000 miles on it and still runs great!

Those newcomers needing Toyota service or a new or pre-owned car, can’t go wrong at Frontier Toyota. We know there are other dealerships on Auto Row but our personal experience is here at Frontier.

If you are a Santa Clarita resident and would like to provide an interview or other information about any of the other dealerships in Santa Clarita, please contact us. We would love to have some first hand information to share, and we will publish it right here at

The Paseos of Valencia – Community of Santa Clarita Valley

Valencia is a popular community in the Santa Clarita Valley, and is also where visitors will find the lovely Paseos. SCV is well known as a wonderful, family friendly place to live, eat, shop or play, but the real attraction are the Paseos. Of all the well planned growth, the one feature many residents appreciate most, are the miles of well maintained walkways, paseos and trails. The paseos are mostly located in the Valencia community, but the city trail system stretches far and wide, from one end of Santa Clarita to the other.

The Paseos of Valencia are a little different than the trail systems of the city. The Paseo walkways are typically wider than a normal sidewalk and are paved with concrete. Often, they have  lighting, an occasional bench for a rest,  and even conveniently placed doggie bag dispensers. The areas surrounding each side of the Paseos are landscaped and they are just perfect for evening strolls. The Paseos wind through various neighborhoods, usually connecting neighborhoods to each other, parks, shopping, city sidewalks, bridges and the trail systems. There are large attractive bridges extending over the top of the larger city streets and usually connect the neighborhood on one side of the street, with the neighborhood on the other side. Where we live, we can walk the Paseos almost all the way to the local elementary school, crossing over the major street via the pedestrian bridge. Once over the bridge we wind our way through a beautiful little neighborhood park, and up to the school. It’s a very safe path of travel, especially for the children. There Paseos are lovely, with a good amount of shade, and are extremely well maintained. There is nothing more pleasant than nice healthy walk to the local park, via the Paseo’s of Valencia.

The Trails of Santa Clarita are a little different. The trail systems are are usually wider, asphalt paved, with separate lanes for walkers, runners, and bicyclists. I once rode my bicycle from Valencia to the east end of Canyon Country, and that was just a short portion of the miles of trails available. It’s really a wonderful and safe way to traverse and tour the city. Basically, these trails run along the banks of the natural riverbeds, so it was some smart thinking to make use of otherwise wasted land. It wasn’t too surprising, on a recent early morning walk my wife and I spotted a coyote that just walked right by us!

If you’re new to Santa Clarita, you’re probably discovering just how lucky you are to live in such a well thought out and developed city. If you’re planning to relocate to Santa Clarita in the future, you couldn’t choose a better city. If you would like to sign up for a tour of the city, receive a free relocation package, or take advantage of any other special offer, please contact us today.

We hope you enjoyed our post on The Paseos of Valencia – Community of Santa Clarita Valley, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please share this post, and we love receiving your replies.

Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Information

Santa Clarita is an extremely popular city in which to reside and newcomers often find stiff competition when submitting offers to buy homes. Due to continual market fluctuations and to avoid providing outdated information, we’re unable to provide current Santa Clarita real estate market information. Regardless, it’s always best to contact an active real estate professional Realtor, and if searching for a home, obtain a free online home search account. Besides searching  homes for sale, the online search accounts offer all the information about median home values, schools, communities, homes for rent or lease, and just about anything related to real estate, all without talking to a real estate agent. Another big plus to an online Santa Clarita home search account is the ability to search with any mobile device. Not all services offer this option, but this one does. You can even log in with your Facebook account!

See Live MLS Listings

Some of our local Santa Clarita brokers and real estate agents have taken advantage of their online resources and now offer their clients a 100% paperless real estate experience. These experienced and successful agents utilize the most current technology to help their clients buy and sell properties without wasting a lot of time or money. It’s no longer necessary to spend entire weekends driving around aimlessly searching for homes. On the other side of the coin, if selling a home it’s more critical than ever for the homeowner to use a Realtor that is also an internet marketing specialist. In today’s online techno world, it’s absolutely essential!

Instead of using pushy and using hard sales tactics to gain clients, many of our Santa Clarita agents provide instead, valuable consumer information. After all, that’s what today’s home buyer or home seller needs. Accurate and current information, presented in a manner that saves time and money!

INSIDER TIP! In Santa Clarita some agents provide free one hour guided tours with absolutely no obligation and NO pressure of any kind. Not all agents are like this, so contact us today for a referral to an agent and take advantage of this wonderful free offer. We also offer a FREE relocation package to interested persons, so contact us today at 661-406-2959 or

We hope you enjoyed our post about Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Information.

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