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Let’s Go to the Park – Placerita Canyon State Park of SCV

Placerita Canyon State Park Hiking TrailLet’s go to the park – Placerita Canyon State Park!

The Placerita Canyon State Park and Nature Center of Santa Clarita is located 19152 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, CA, 91321. It’s on Placerita Canyon Road just east of the 14 freeway. The park is open each day from sunrise to sunset. The Nature Center is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesdays thru Sundays. Closed on Mondays. They usually have guided hikes organized activities on Saturdays. Visit the Nature Center website to learn more.

Once arriving at the park there are plenty of interesting things to do, see and explore. It’s definitely worth the trip and I recommend it to anyone. There is no cost to visit the park and no cost for parking! Be advised, this is not a park with miles of lawn and paved walkways. Though there are some concrete trails, there’s no grass anywhere. This is more of a natural type park, but the lower picnic areas are easy walking. The path from the parking to the restrooms, gift store and nature center are easily accessible, including ADA accessible for wheel chairs.

Placerita Canyon State Park FeaturesOak of the Golden Dream at Placerita State Park

Upon arriving we first noticed how well maintained and clean the whole park. We didn’t see any litter anywhere, including along our five mile hike on the various trails. There are well designated parking places, big trash cans with lids and well marked trails. In fact, there’s a concrete walk way almost all the way to the to the famous oak tree, the Oak of the Golden Dream.
There’s a Nature Center with outdoor and indoor exhibits including the live Red Tailed Hawk, live rattle snakes, king snake and other various wildlife, common to the local area. There is a gift store, restrooms, drinking fountains, plenty of picnic tables, well maintained hiking trails and hiking options. We noticed signage indicated there are organized hikes and activities available as well.

Our visit to the park was specifically for a Sunday morning hike, but we noticed a group at the picnic tables setting up for a large birthday party. By the way, there are lots of trees over the picnic tables so there is plenty of shade for everyone. There is a seasonal stream that runs through the park, but since we visited in the later part of August, it was dry at the time. There a multiple designated hiking trails and some of them are very easy hikes.

We took the hiking trail to Walker Ranch. It’s a wide, well maintained trail, and a two mile one way hike. It’s available to hikers, bicyclers, and we saw signs of horses. We didn’t actually see any horses but let’s just say we noticed clear evidence of their presence. There were some other hikers, but it’s not crowded at all. Just a few other hikers here and there. Must of the hike is shaded and easy hiking without much in the way of steep hills. it was quite pleasant and we plan to go again real soon.

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