Back to School in Santa Clarita Valley

It’s nearing the end of August and most of our children are already back to school here in Santa Clarita Valley. Going back to school after a relaxing summer is always so exciting for the kids, especially the little ones! Now, it might not be so exciting for the older kids, especially if they are participating in grueling workouts and preparing for the upcoming high school football season! We’re not just talking about the football players either. With back to school comes the new cheer squads, amazing marching bands, and they’re all working hard while preparing for the first big opening football game! Still, with all the kids back to school with new teachers and classrooms, the stage is set for an exciting new school year!

SCV Newbies To See How Much SCV Locals Love Their High School Football
If you’re new to Santa Clarita, you’ll soon see just how much the residents of this city enjoy their high school football. It’s not like it once was, but it’s still pretty darn popular. In fact, very soon after the kids get back to school, Friday night diners even have an easier time getting a table at their favorite restaurants. We finally figured out, it’s because so many people are at the football games, there’s more room at the local restaurants. Once upon a time there was a huge cross town rivalry between Canyon and Hart high schools. When they were playing each other it was like the rest of the town went dormant. It’s still a darn good rivalry and almost always a good matchup, but with all our high schools playing on Friday nights, residents can always plan on finding a good game to attend. If you’re new to Santa Clarita you’re not a high school football fan, it’s a perfect time for a meal at a great restaurant!

Why So Soon?
By the way, we find it odd seeing the children returning to school so soon. Yes, it’s understand our local kids start their summer earlier than most, but it’s still so hot outside, and there’s so much summer left! It just feels too early to return to school.

Very soon, newcomers to SCV will find out how much we enjoy our fall festivals. It won’t be long until it really is Fall and we can look forward to all the various festivals. When it comes to fall festivals, nothing beats those activities at our favorite outdoor produce market, Lombardi Ranch. If planning on entering the Lombardi’s Scarecrow Contest, it’s not too early to start gathering your supplies to make your scarecrows! If you are new to SCV and plan to enter this contest, beware! We have some seriously talented scarecrow makers out here and you will be amazed at these amazing creations. We’ll do a full post on the contest very soon, so stay tuned!

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