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Expert Hearing Loss Treatment at Audiology Associates


Audiology Associates Wins Again!

If unfamiliar with Santa Clarita and experiencing hearing problems or wear hearing aids, expert hearing loss treatment can be found at our local favorite Audiologist, Audiology Associates. In 2013 Audiology Associates was voted as the Best Audiologist in SCV, and they are also our recommended “insider” favorite. We can go on and on as to why but the truth is, Audiology Associates has consistently provided patients with highly skilled professional services, helping to improve their hearing and bring more clarity into their lives. Located in Valencia, the office environment is stylish, comfortable, the staff is friendly, and it’s obvious the patients are confident they are being treated with only the best possible care.

Qualified Audiologists

First off, we must point out how important it is for patients to seek hearing loss treatment from a qualified audiologist, not just a hearing aid dispensing salesperson. If you are an individual with hearing problems we recommend seeking treatment from a qualified professional Doctor of Audiology, such as the Audiologists at Audiology Associates.

The Professionals at Audiology Associates

  • Patrice Rifkind is a Doctor of Audiology and received her Master’s Degree in Audiology from California State University, Northridge. She earned her Doctorate from the University of Florida in 2004. She is licensed by the state in Audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Patrice is a favorite to many and has been providing exceptional audiology services to Santa Clarita Valley residents for many years.
  • Dr. Kevin Bolder is also a Doctor of Audiology and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He earned his Master’s Degree at California State University in Northridge, and obtained his Doctorate in Audiology from Arizona School of Health Sciences.
  • Kimberly Monica is a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser and manages patient care at Audiology Associates. Most importantly, she can fix darn near any hearing aid dumped in her lap. As a hearing aid patient myself, I always feel so embarrassed when I bring in my dirty grimy broken hearing aid for repairs. She did suggest once, in a very kind way, my aids might last a little longer if I cleaned them more than once a year! But why Kimberly, when we have you to clean and fix them for us…right? Ha, ha!
  • The support staff are all friendly and accommodating, making the patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with SCV and in need of audiology services, we know from our own firsthand experience you will receive exceptional hearing loss treatment at Audiology Associates. They are a preferred local business and considered by many to be the very best available in the area. We are sure there are some other good options available as well, but we can only comment those businesses of which we have firsthand recent experience.

Discover SCVLive Insider Information

As most of our visitors know, is all about providing “insider” information about everything in Santa Clarita. We love Santa Clarita and are advocates of our local small business owners. We believe it’s important to support and patronize local small business, especially when they provide exceptional service loyal customers deserve. Should you have any questions or need a referral to another exceptional small local business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send back our recommendation. All referrals are based on the firsthand experiences of long time residents in the Santa Clarita community.

We hope our visitors enjoyed learning about receiving Expert Hearing Loss Treatment at Audiology Associates.


Santa Clarita Concert in the Park Series 2014

Once again, our residents are looking forward to the Santa Clarita Concert in the Park series. The schedule was recently released by the City of Santa Clarita and it appears we have another wonderful array of talented bands on the schedule. The Concert in the Parks runs each Saturday evening beginning July 12th and continues each Saturday through August 30th. The concerts are all held at Central Park, just off of Bouquet Canyon Road at 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. The start time is 7:00pm.

Insider Information for Attending a Santa Clarita Concert in the Park

The parks series concerts are well attended! If you’re new to Santa Clarita and planning to attend a concert, the evening will be much more enjoyable with our SCVLive insider’s information, so here you have it!

  • Prepare for the Heat! It’s no secret about the hot weather we have here in Santa Clarita during the summer, but it seems the heat is even more of a factor at the concert in the park. There’s not a lot of shade in the spectator areas, so it’s suggested to be prepared for the heat
  • Parking can be an issue. Though the parking lot is an okay size, it’s not quite large enough on the nights when the most popular bands are performing. As always, the early bird gets the worm, but it’s kind of a double edged sword. We would suggest arriving early, but the then you must deal with more of the heat. If arriving late, the parking lot may be full. What’s the solution? It’s not very original but if planning to arrive just before the concert begins, plan on parking on the street or in a nearby neighborhood.
  • When departing the parking lot it can be a mess! There is a secondary exit, but drivers can only turn right which will take you north on Bouquet Canyon.
  • There are some food vendors, but the lines can be quite long and it’s not permitted to bring a BBQ. Eat before attending and bring a light snack and some water.
  • If you want to be in the front near the stage, arrive early or stop by earlier and set up your chairs and blankets. Though it’s okay to set up chairs and blankets, it’s not allowable to section off an area with cones or steaks and tape.

Line Up of Bands for 2014 Concerts in the Park

  1. July 12 – DSB – Journey Tribute Band
  2. July 19 – Suzanne Harper – Country
  3. July 26 – Led Zepagain – No Explanation Needed
  4. August 2 – Hotel California – Eagles Tribute
  5. August 9 – Captain Cardiac and the Coronaries – Classic Rock
  6. August 16 – Poncho Sanchez – Latin Jazz
  7. August 23 – Hollywood U2
  8. August 30 – Boogie Knights – Disco

We hope you found this post helpful and we welcome your comments about the Santa Clarita Concert in the Park Series 2014.

Grill Perfect Steaks With the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill

This Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill is perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking and dining on perfectly cooked meals, especially a good steak! Even the inexperienced cook can grill perfect steaks, exactly as ordered. The secret seems to be how evenly the appliance heats the grill. Also, every Raclette comes with two different grill tops, one stone and one metal teflon coated top. This really is a wonderful appliance and they have been popular in Europe for a long time.
Brand: Velata
Manufacturer: Velata
Model: Raclette Tabletop Grill
Product ID: SKU 25170
5 based on 14 reviews
$140.00 New

As a poor cook without one bit of “chef” in my blood, I’ve been trying to BBQ a good steak for years, and never once have I had any success, at least none to speak of. Finally, we purchased one of these Velata Raclette Tabletop Grills and everything changed. I grilled two filet mignon steaks, exactly how we wanted them, perfectly, on the first try. I figured I was just lucky so tried it again, with the same delicious results! Turns out, this cool little grill cooks the foods at a controlled temperature resulting in an evenly cooked steak. From the outside edges to the middle, they were medium rare all the way through. Absolutely amazing and we would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys cooking and eating delicious meals. Also, it’s a great way for families and friends to cook, eat and spend time together. Everyone can participate if they wish. We recommend this product!

If interested in learning more please visit the website and you too can look forward to enjoying your Velata Raclette Tabletop Indoor Grill.

Time for Potty Talk Here in Santa Clarita

After viewing the most recent issue of California Real Estate magazine we immediately realized it was time for a potty talk here in Santa Clarita! According to the recent issue the magazine, as of January 1, 2014 residential remodel permits issued for homes built before 1994 will require the homeowner to retrofit the toilets, faucets, shower heads and other fixtures, changing to the water saver type. This law applies to single family home permits and some multifamily and commercial properties as well. The commercial and multifamily remodel must affect over 10% of the total size of the structure, but the single family home must comply for any remodel permit, no matter how much area is being remodeled. Darn, it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have to change out the potties! Toilets can last almost forever by changing out the guts, so it seems a bit wasteful to replace it while it still has potty life. We have no choice with faucets and shower heads because their lifespan isn’t that great in the first place. Oh well, what’s done is done and now it’s the law!

Plumbing Fixture Compliance Specifications

In order to be in compliance the plumbing fixtures must meet the following specifications:

  • Toilets can use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Shower heads must have flow rates of no more than 2.5 gallons per minute
  • All other interior fixtures must use no more than 2.2 gallons per minute

By January 1, 2017, all homes built prior to 1994 must be in compliance! This is all about conservation and making best use of our resources, and that’s always a good idea. Unfortunately, it’s just another added expense for Santa Clarita and all California homeowners. This isn’t about complaining about taxes or legislation, but some of us were wondering how this is going to be enforced after 2017? Will they have potty police coming out to inspect our potties? Not likely! Who would pay for it? Seriously, the new retrofit laws could be enforced in a number of ways but we’re sure they are hoping we’ll all be good little homeowners and do the right thing, all by ourselves. When that doesn’t work, it will likely be a requirement for the home to be in compliance when selling. Eventually, we’ll have no choice because when it’s finally time to change out the toilet, there won’t be any other toilets available that don’t meet the new compliance specifications.

We’re very interested to hear your thoughts and comments on this article, Time for Potty Talk Here in Santa Clarita.

Buy Your Perfect Tote in SCV – Thirty-One Consultant Nicole Burcham

Nicole Burcham - Thirty-One Independent Director

Welcome to! If you’re new or relocating to Santa Clarita and looking for the perfect tote bag, this is it! You can order and buy a personalized, stylish and unique bag from our recommended long time Thirty-One consultant, Nicole Burcham. Not only that, but Nicole offers all her customers to opportunity to earn rewards by hosting a party. When hosting a party, the party host has the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards based on the amount of the party orders. The more successful the party, the bigger the reward! What’s even better, it can be a typical home type party or a catalog party, either way the hostess wins! One thing about Nicole is, she loves to party, Thirty-One style! Learn more about hosting a party.
SCVLive Recommended Products and Sales Consultant
Nicole is an independent consultant with the highly regarded and popular party plan company, Thirty-One. Thirty-one offers a wonderful array of unique and stylish hand bags and totes, only available through a consultant such as Nicole. The reason we recommend Nicole is because we’ve purchased products from her in the Sampling of Thirty-One Totes offered by Nicolepast, used the products ourselves, and we know she provides a high level of service to her customers. Additionally, Nicole offers her own brand of unique and personalized service, helping her customers choose and buy their perfect totes and accessories. Thirty-One offers the ability to personalize the products and make your bags, truly unique.

If you’re new or relocating to Santa Clarita Valley, or just unfamiliar with the area be sure to add Nicole to your list of trusted sales consultants! The Thirty-One products are not available in stores, but you can’t beat the personalized service and products. Please contact Nicole directly by visiting her website.

What’s SCVLive All About? is all about helping people that are unfamiliar with Santa Clarita Valley find important local information they want or need. All referrals and contacts have been pre-screened and we only refer those we trust and have had first hand experience. Keep in mind, we also prefer to recommend and support local small business whenever possible Additionally, this site is about your contributions. Please contact us if you are a resident of Santa Clarita and would like to provide guest post services to better serve our community.

Grilled Taters and Onions – Velata Raclette Style

Grilled Taters and Onions, Velata Raclette Style
Grilled Taters and Onions, Velata Raclette Style
Here's a great way to cook grilled taters and onions, and not as greasy as the fried version of the recipe!

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

  • Six Large Potatoes
  • One Onion
  • Lemon
  • Garlic Seasoning
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper

Set up the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill using the interchangeable grill top. Plug it in and pre-heat on high for about 20 minutes.

While pre-heating the Raclette, slice up the potatoes and onions.

After pre-heating, apply a thin coating of Olive Oil on top of the stone top. Place the sliced potatoes and onions on the grill and add a dash or two of garlic seasoning. Then, drip a little lemon, spreading evenly over the sliced potatoes.

Continue cooking on high and occasionally turning the potatoes and onions until done, about 30 minutes.

I prepared this dish for my 11 pre-schoolers in my childcare and they loved it. So did my husband! It’s so delicious! This dish could be cooked using a frying pan, but It’s so much nicer cooking on the Velata Raclette Grill. The food cooks more evenly, and the stone top cleans up in a jiffy! This new Velata cooking appliance is a “must have” for every home cook! Enjoy! Contact Velata Independent Director Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617 to learn more!

Santa Clarita Insider’s Share Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun

With a little persistence we were able to convince some Santa Clarita Insider’s to share their ideas for some Valentine’s Day fun activities. This will helpful for our new residents unfamiliar with Santa Clarita, but also some long time residents looking for ideas.

While reading the upcoming events in local publications about things to do in SCV on Valentine’s Day, we were disappointed! Many of the ideas shared for Valentine’s Day, actually take place outside of SCV, or were were centered around which restaurant to dine at. We’re here to share, there’s absolutely no reason residents can’t enjoy a good time without leaving SCV. Sure, a helicopter ride over Los Angeles would be cool, but our visitors need something different! What about things to do that are unique, fun, and without having to travel outside our hometown of Santa Clarita. So, here are three insider ideas to enjoy some Valentine’s Day Fun.

Insider Tips – Things to Do in Santa Clarita for Valentine’s Day

  • If you haven’t seen downtown Newhall lately, it’s quite enjoyable, especially in the evenings. After dinner, head on to Old Newhall and take a stroll. If you plan ahead, you might even be able to take in a play called I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change at the Repertory East Playhouse
  • Go to the Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Canyon Country. Drive behind the building and you’ll find a quiet spot and some benches to sit back and relax and enjoy the view. Take a little picnic basket with food and drinks and you’re all set! After a little relaxation, try a walk at one of the wonderful neighborhood Paseos.
  • Our third idea to share for Valentine’s Day is not unique, but it’s an old standby and needs to be shared. How about dinner and a movie. Start your evening dining a local old favorite, Backwoods Inn. This restaurant is located in Canyon Country and has been there since at least the early 70’s, probably longer. It’s an amazing steakhouse and locals continue to rave about it! After that, try taking in a traditional movie at the Edwards Theaters on Soledad Canyon Road.

Reminder: With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday, be sure to make dinner reservations in advance, or plan on cooking at home.
We hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day fun and we would love for you to share your ideas of Valentine’s Day fun.

Santa Clarita Home Improvements that Pay Back When Selling

Home Improvement Cost Percentage Chart

New homeowners are often unsure about what type of home improvements to make that will actually pay back when eventually selling their home. For example, if it costs $20,000 for a new built in heated swimming pool, will home value increase by at least the same amount? Probably not, but the basic rule of thumb is, if making home improvements that will pay back when selling a home, keep those improvements simple, neutral, and don’t over spend. Don’t pay for a high end home improvement that would be perfect for a home in Beverly Hills, if you live in a standard 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Canyon Country. The more customized the improvements are, the less chance you will have of recouping the cost when selling. It doesn’t matter if your home is in Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley, when selling a home you want to attract as many prospective buyers as possible. When it comes to colors and finishes, we all have different tastes. What looks good to me might look terrible to you! That’s why it’s so important, even if a bit boring, to stay neutral with colors and materials. The bottom line is, don’t make any improvements that are likely to scare off potential home buyers when it comes time to sell your Santa Clarita home.

If the homeowner is not concerned with doing improvements that pay back when selling, none of the rules apply. We are all free to make whatever customizations we like. Just don’t expect the cost for those improvements to increase the value of your home by the same margin. I remember, for years we lived in Canyon Country of Santa Clarita and often gazed across the street at a neighbor’s house. From the outside, it looked similar to all the other basic and average homes in the neighborhood. One day we were invited inside and we were shocked to see it was almost all solid stone! Unfortunately, it was overkill for the home type and location.

We hope you enjoyed this post, Santa Clarita Home Improvements that Pay Back When Selling.

Please come back again for a visit!


Best Ever! Home Holiday Shopping Boutique In Santa Clarita

HOME HOLIDAY SHOPPING BOUTIQUE EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! visitors and all Santa Clarita residents are invited to a home holiday shopping event at the home of Kerin Kray. Kerin is a popular Santa Clarita resident/vendor and she sells an assortment of goodies with plenty to choose from that will make the perfect gift. There will be plenty of other vendors on hand and shoppers will find products of almost every type. Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory will be there with her Scentsy Fragrance Wickless Candles, and many other vendors will be present as well. This is the perfect opportunity for Santa Clarita residents to avoid the crazy shopping centers and instead enjoy a perfect evening of stress free shopping in a pleasant home atmosphere. If you’re new to Santa Clarita you especially won’t want to miss this fun and exciting event. 


This is a popular home holiday shopping boutique hosted by Kerin Kray
Starts: 12/19/2013 05:00 pm
Ends: 12/19/2013
Duration: 4 hours:
28955 Rock Canyon Drive
Saugus, CA

Frontier Toyota – Long Time SCV Favorite – Cars

Frontier Toyota InteriorThose relocating to Santa Clarita will find, just like most cities, we have an auto row. We can’t offer an opinion on each dealership, but we can share at least eleven years worth of our experience with Frontier Toyota. Before we go any further, we want to point our, Frontier Toyota is just great! They have been in Santa Clarita for many years, trusted by the residents of the community and always a more than safe choice when buying a car or obtaining mechanical services.

Frontier Toyota is located at:
23621 Creekside Rd, Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-7575

Like many dealerships, they have a beautiful facility and make their sales and service customers feel right at home. There are coffee and snacks for waiting customers and Frontier Toyota of SCV Makes Customers Feel At Homeit’s all very nice. They provide a nice kids and parents waiting section with plenty of things to keep the kids busy while mom or dad reads a book. They also have comfortable seating in all the waiting areas. If you’re need to work while you wait, you’ll really appreciate the office section where customers can use a desktop computer or break out your own laptop or other device. There is free WiFi is available for all and can b e easily used on all devices. Overall we can simplify the experience by saying, Frontier Toyota knows exactly how to make their customers feel comfortable and wanted.

Personally, I bought a Tundra pickup at Frontier in 2003. I have returned every 5,000 miles for maintenance and usually my service adviser is a man by the name of Dane Jenson. I’ve had other advisers and they are all really great, but Dane knows me and I feel most comfortable with him. My truck now has 250,000 miles on it and still runs great!

Those newcomers needing Toyota service or a new or pre-owned car, can’t go wrong at Frontier Toyota. We know there are other dealerships on Auto Row but our personal experience is here at Frontier.

If you are a Santa Clarita resident and would like to provide an interview or other information about any of the other dealerships in Santa Clarita, please contact us. We would love to have some first hand information to share, and we will publish it right here at