SCVLive.com is a wonderful new and upbeat resource for those folks new in town or those considering relocating to SCV in the future. Santa Clarita newbies need to know where to find out about basic services, communities, schools, housing, child care, restaurants, shopping, upcoming events, jobs and much more. Over time we’ll provide all that, but for now we will primarily be providing “INSIDE”  information!

New residents, or those relocating to Santa Clarita, can easily find plenty of online directories, but what they really need is the inside information! That’s where we come in! We have that  special “inside information,” and some of it won’t be published. If you are new to town and need special knowledge about something, click the “contact us” tab and ask your question. We will provide you with a personalized response that will include the inside information you desire. We have many personal resources throughout Santa Clarita and can often answer your questions almost immediately.

Yes, by default we’ll have a few of those boring but necessary directories, but mostly this site is about insightful INSIDE information about cool stuff to do, see, or participate in. The information provided here is not review or complaint  based, but is based on personal experience. We intend to provide accurate and unbiased local information about people, places, events and anything specifically related Santa Clarita Valley. While visiting our pages and posts, visitors should find many helpful tip’s or resources to help them get up and running as quickly possible. There will be no complaints and little, if any advertising. We were taught long ago, if we don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all! That, my friends, is our motto.

To start with, we ask for your patience while we grow. As time moves on the site is sure to grow and will eventually contain all the information needed and easily found! Stay tuned and keep watch, because this site may just be your hot ticket to Santa Clarita Valley LIVE!