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Big Mouth Pizza Company of Valencia

If you're a resident here in Valencia, Canyon Country or Agua Dulce, you'll be happy to discover a wonderful pizza restaurant called Big Mouth Pizza Co. Big Mouth Pizza is a family friendly restaurant, with a tasty menu of delicious snacks and meals. It's also a great location for friends to gather and spend some time watching NFL Football, or any other sporting event. There's plenty of room for groups and we really appreciate the amazing array of flat screen TV's. No matter which location customers visit, they can always count of good food and prompt, friendly service.
27530 Newhall Ranch Rd
Santa Clarita, CA
Phone: 661-257-9100

We are pleased to report, after thoroughly checking out Big Mouth Pizza Co, we have added them to our list of recommended businesses and restaurants. Keep in mind, we are not a distasteful Yelp type review website, but we do share about our positive experiences with local businesses within our Santa Clarita community.

Dining In and Delivery Service
We finally had the opportunity to visit Big Mouth Pizza today here in Valencia! It was a perfect location for Mary Gregory to have her monthly Scentsy Independent Director team meeting and everyone attending loved the service, atmosphere and the food. In our own household, we’ve ordered Big Mouth Pizza for home delivery on numerous occasions and the delivery has been consistently on time and tasty. Besides the pizza, we love the mozzarella sticks and wedge cut potatoes! Mary had one of the salads and she said it was really good!

You can also find a Big Mouth Pizza Co. Restaurant in Agua Dulce and Canyon Country. We spoke to other diners at two locations and everyone had only positive comments.

It’s nice to find local businesses working hard to provide a personalized services to their local customers. When we identify a business that we feel is especially noteworthy, we like sharing with everyone! Big Mouth is one of those comfortable little local restaurants we love and they have something for everyone!

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Say Nothing at All!
First, we want to make it perfectly clear, we are not a restaurant review Yelp type website! We exist simply to provide accurate and helpful information to those persons unfamiliar with our beloved Santa Clarita Valley. We are also committed to supporting our local small businesses as much as possible, but we only recommend those businesses we have had the opportunity to visit ourselves and have firsthand experience. Obviously, it’s not our intent to visit every small business in Santa Clarita, but when the opportunity presents itself we will provide recommendations to any businesses as based on our personal experiences.

As longtime Valencia residents ourselves, we also author all the posts and pages here at We are extremely supportive of our hard working local small businesses, especially from within our Santa Clarita community. Since we’ve visited Big Mouth Pizza in two of their three local restaurants, we can wholeheartedly recommend eating there, either when dining in or for delivery.

Velata Independent Consultant – Director – Mary Gregory

We have a local Velata Independent Director here Santa Clarita and her name is Mary Gregory. She provides a personalized helpful sales service by sharing and selling the simple Velata Fondue Warmers, small appliances and accessory products for the kitchen. Also, Mary trains and helps others to get started as Velata consultants to do the same. It’s quite simple really and the products are extremely handy, if not almost a necessity for any busy home cook. Have a look at the video below to see some of the fondue warmers.

The authentic Velata products cannot be found in a store and can only be purchased from a Velata independent consultant, such as Mary Gregory. Mary provides a personalized service by helping her customers to choose and buy their products. She also conducts home parties, hosts booths at various events and shares the products with her friends. She also sponsors new consultants to join her team and start their own home based independent consultant businesses. She earns commissions for her sales and sometimes bonuses for the performance of her team. It’s a simple direct sales business, easy to operate, training is provided, and there’s no need to stock any products. In fact, stocking product to have it on hand is actually discouraged. As far as direct sales goes, it’s one of the best ever and is a Scentsy Family Brand.

The Velata Family Friend products are quite simple and consist of:

  • Velata Fun Fondue Warmers – The Velata Fun Fondue Warmers and the Premium Belgian Chocolates enable almost anyone to make perfect creamy chocolate fondue in less than two minutes. Even better, clean up is a snap! None of that wasting time using one of those fountains or other fondue products.
  • Velata Raclette Indoor Tabletop GrillVelata Raclette Indoor Tabletop Grill – The Raclette is very popular in Europe but very new here in the United States. It’s an electric grill, but with two interchangeable tops, one made of stone and one made of stick resistant metal. Then, there are eight small trays that go under the tops. The Raclette enables an entire family to participate in cooking and eating together, at the dinner table, all at the same time. It’s really an exciting small appliance for the kitchen and it’s already catching on fast. It’s also a wonderful way to bring your family or friends together for a meal or snacks.
  • Velata-Knife-Sets - Mary GregoryAnother really neat Velata product is the knife sets. Now, you wouldn’t think the world needs another knife set, but these are actually worth a look see. Briefly, the knives are a high quality, perfectly balanced ceramic, and guaranteed for life! I can almost promise, if you’re a passionate home cook or like entertaining, once you try these knives you want the whole set.
  • There’s more accessory products but now we come to the Premium Belgian Chocolates. Available in four flavors, they are specifically produced to create perfect creamy chocolate fondue and work perfectly with the Velata Fondue Warmers. The chocolates are Gluten free and peanut free. The dark chocolate is also dairy free and our Vegan friends absolutely love it!
  • There also some cheese dips and you can actually make some cheese fondue but we like using the fondue warmers to just warm the cheese and serve it warmed to be used as dips. There are also some really great specially created spice rubs, certainly worth buying if you’re purchasing your other products at the same time.
  • There’s more accessory products, but we’ll let you contact Mary Gregory directly to learn more.

Actually, we’re very excited about Velata because of the family friendly nature of the products, the high quality and affordability, coupled with a personalized low pressure sales touch. Also, if you want to earn some good additional income, it’s a worthwhile opportunity to pursue and Mary will be happy to discuss sponsoring anyone interested in starting up their own independent consultant business.

We are interested in hearing your comments hope you enjoyed learning more about Velata Independent Consultant – Director Mary Gregory and the products she shares and sells.

Expert Hearing Loss Treatment at Audiology Associates


Audiology Associates Wins Again!

If unfamiliar with Santa Clarita and experiencing hearing problems or wear hearing aids, expert hearing loss treatment can be found at our local favorite Audiologist, Audiology Associates. In 2013 Audiology Associates was voted as the Best Audiologist in SCV, and they are also our recommended “insider” favorite. We can go on and on as to why but the truth is, Audiology Associates has consistently provided patients with highly skilled professional services, helping to improve their hearing and bring more clarity into their lives. Located in Valencia, the office environment is stylish, comfortable, the staff is friendly, and it’s obvious the patients are confident they are being treated with only the best possible care.

Qualified Audiologists

First off, we must point out how important it is for patients to seek hearing loss treatment from a qualified audiologist, not just a hearing aid dispensing salesperson. If you are an individual with hearing problems we recommend seeking treatment from a qualified professional Doctor of Audiology, such as the Audiologists at Audiology Associates.

The Professionals at Audiology Associates

  • Patrice Rifkind is a Doctor of Audiology and received her Master’s Degree in Audiology from California State University, Northridge. She earned her Doctorate from the University of Florida in 2004. She is licensed by the state in Audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Patrice is a favorite to many and has been providing exceptional audiology services to Santa Clarita Valley residents for many years.
  • Dr. Kevin Bolder is also a Doctor of Audiology and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He earned his Master’s Degree at California State University in Northridge, and obtained his Doctorate in Audiology from Arizona School of Health Sciences.
  • Kimberly Monica is a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser and manages patient care at Audiology Associates. Most importantly, she can fix darn near any hearing aid dumped in her lap. As a hearing aid patient myself, I always feel so embarrassed when I bring in my dirty grimy broken hearing aid for repairs. She did suggest once, in a very kind way, my aids might last a little longer if I cleaned them more than once a year! But why Kimberly, when we have you to clean and fix them for us…right? Ha, ha!
  • The support staff are all friendly and accommodating, making the patients feel welcome and comfortable.

Again, if you are unfamiliar with SCV and in need of audiology services, we know from our own firsthand experience you will receive exceptional hearing loss treatment at Audiology Associates. They are a preferred local business and considered by many to be the very best available in the area. We are sure there are some other good options available as well, but we can only comment those businesses of which we have firsthand recent experience.

Discover SCVLive Insider Information

As most of our visitors know, is all about providing “insider” information about everything in Santa Clarita. We love Santa Clarita and are advocates of our local small business owners. We believe it’s important to support and patronize local small business, especially when they provide exceptional service loyal customers deserve. Should you have any questions or need a referral to another exceptional small local business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send back our recommendation. All referrals are based on the firsthand experiences of long time residents in the Santa Clarita community.

We hope our visitors enjoyed learning about receiving Expert Hearing Loss Treatment at Audiology Associates.


Buy Your Perfect Tote in SCV – Thirty-One Consultant Nicole Burcham

Nicole Burcham - Thirty-One Independent Director

Welcome to! If you’re new or relocating to Santa Clarita and looking for the perfect tote bag, this is it! You can order and buy a personalized, stylish and unique bag from our recommended long time Thirty-One consultant, Nicole Burcham. Not only that, but Nicole offers all her customers to opportunity to earn rewards by hosting a party. When hosting a party, the party host has the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards based on the amount of the party orders. The more successful the party, the bigger the reward! What’s even better, it can be a typical home type party or a catalog party, either way the hostess wins! One thing about Nicole is, she loves to party, Thirty-One style! Learn more about hosting a party.
SCVLive Recommended Products and Sales Consultant
Nicole is an independent consultant with the highly regarded and popular party plan company, Thirty-One. Thirty-one offers a wonderful array of unique and stylish hand bags and totes, only available through a consultant such as Nicole. The reason we recommend Nicole is because we’ve purchased products from her in the Sampling of Thirty-One Totes offered by Nicolepast, used the products ourselves, and we know she provides a high level of service to her customers. Additionally, Nicole offers her own brand of unique and personalized service, helping her customers choose and buy their perfect totes and accessories. Thirty-One offers the ability to personalize the products and make your bags, truly unique.

If you’re new or relocating to Santa Clarita Valley, or just unfamiliar with the area be sure to add Nicole to your list of trusted sales consultants! The Thirty-One products are not available in stores, but you can’t beat the personalized service and products. Please contact Nicole directly by visiting her website.

What’s SCVLive All About? is all about helping people that are unfamiliar with Santa Clarita Valley find important local information they want or need. All referrals and contacts have been pre-screened and we only refer those we trust and have had first hand experience. Keep in mind, we also prefer to recommend and support local small business whenever possible Additionally, this site is about your contributions. Please contact us if you are a resident of Santa Clarita and would like to provide guest post services to better serve our community.